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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily Insight: Whitney's Fall

 Whitney before

 This is the first of short daily insights I will post on 22c+. These will mostly cover news events, and ongoing issues related to the development of our species and the world.

What happened to Whitney Houston? Blessed with a model's good looks, a soaring, angelic voice and spectacular international success, she didn't "almost have it all" - she had it all! Well, at least in terms of the measuring stick of the human ego.

So what happened?

As regular readers of this blog and my books will know, I am an intuitive. I read consciousness fields. When I look at Whitney Houston's psyche there are some obvious "messages" coming through. The following is the essence of what her spirit is saying. I use the present tense because this is the energy as it exists now.

I am so tired. I just want to go home (to Heaven). I can't take this any more. Please, just let me go. I'm sorry (esp. to mother). I wasn't good enough. I couldn't do it right. I can't go on. There's no point living anymore. Everything is empty, tired, pointless. I give up. I want to escape. I feel so ashamed of myself. I'm a bad person. I'm just too tired.

Whitney after
So Whitney Houston gave up on life, and on herself. 

Her drug habit had a lot to do with her downfall, as has been widely reported. There are a lot of people in alternative and New Age circles who believe that certain drugs are harmless or even beneficial. I am not one of them. While the occasional use of certain drugs may give insight, any habitual use is harmful to the psyche and to your consciousness field. Apparently Whitney did crack like there was no tomorrow (and now there is no tomorrow for her, at least not round these parts). And despite popular mythology that it is a 'light' drug, marijuana is one drug I would stay well away from. Its effect on the energy field and brain makes chronic users susceptible to depression, and a magnet for dark energy. Apparently marjijuana was one of the drugs Whitney abused.

Overall the biggest problem with drugs is that they can kill the zest for life by creating dissociation from the body, and from the present moment. And as I have said many times, presence is the key to spiritual fulfilment, not psychic, psychadelic and visionary trips.

Does this mean that Whitney killed herself deliberately? Not necessarily. When we give up on ourselves and our lives, the spirit will often find a way to check out. Whitney wanted to escape. But there is no escape, not even in death. Consciousness - and shame - follows you wherever you go. The demons pursue you until you have the courage to turn and face them.


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