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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Power and the Passion

Daily Insight 23/02/2012

Yesterday Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigned while on a state visit to Washington. The reason he resigned, superficially, is that he feels he has lost the support of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The two have been in a HUGE b.... fight (I'm trying not to swear so much) since Gillard ousted Rudd as Prime Minister some time back.

You don't need to be an intuitive to read the energy behind what is going on, but I’ll chip in here anyway.

Kevin Rudd
I am here! I'm number one! Don't cross me or I'll crush you, you backstabbing (so and so)! I hate you! I've been waiting for this chance, and I will have my revenge! I am the king and I will not serve under you! You won't f... me again! I will destroy you!

Rudd has major issues with power and wanting to be the centre of attention. Yes, he's now going to challenge for PM! (surprise, surprise!) Another issue is "It's not fair!", so this is one of the reasons why he wants revenge so badly. He thinks he was unfairly treated when he was ousted as PM.

Julia Gillard
You're a slimy rat! I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you, you hypocritical, lying bastard! (oops, I swore) I'm number one, not you! I'm in control, so p... off! Get him! Attack him! Destroy him!

She is absolutely furious with the backroom antics, and the sense of being undermined. Live by the sword, die by the sword, as they say.

Rather sad, isn't it? Yet the drama is perfectly normal by everyday human standards, and if we are honest, most of us have experienced similar ego projections in our own lives, both as giver and receiver. One would hope, of course, that those in power could be a little more mature. But alas, powerful positions tend to draw people with major power and control issues.

This is one of the reasons why I developed the idea of the Leader-Sage. Conscious leadership requires the ability to introspect, to be courageously honest about one's motives, and to have a high level of emotional intelligence. It also requires a genuine desire to serve others.

In this "spirit" I am delivering a talk at the Grand Hyatt in Shenzhen, southern China, next Monday, February 27th. It's entitled "How to be a Leader-Sage." There has already been a good response, so this is encouraging. For those of you in Hong Kong and southern China, you are welcome to attend. I might even spill the beans on a few other world leaders ;-).


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