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Friday, February 3, 2012

How Much do we Really Know about the Universe?

How much do we really know about the universe? The answer is that we know an awful lot... but not much at all. I answer this question in today's video blog.




  1. I got a message in my email saying Brizdaz had posted the following comment (but hasn't turned up here for some reason). He wrote: "Great video talk Marcus. You should do more of these here. Cheers."

    Thanks, Daz. I may make a series of 5 minute videos soon. Marcus

  2. Marcus, he stopped by our blog to say that every time he comments, the comment vanishes.

  3. I'll let him know mine went through.

  4. Looks like the forces of evil have relented, Daz! I doubt it has anything to do with China - those guys have far bigger fish to fry! More likely blogger identified you as a troll/spammer - or maybe your search engine version is out of date.

  5. Let's see if this one stays up then.

    "Kundun" is a great movie about the Dalai Lama's life story which I highly recommend viewing".

    Then we'll know if it's governmental or not.-)

  6. Re:
    "Let's see if this one stays up then".

    Well it looks like it was just a technical hitch,after all.Because I'm sure Chinese BB wouldn't leave that one up if they deleted the other ones.
    So my apologies to them...this time.-)