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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Death, Karma & Free Will: A Mystic Speaks

One of the fascinating - some might say disturbing - aspects of mystical, spiritual and intuitive experience is that sometimes different mystics can come to quite different conclusions about the same subject matter. As regular readers of this blog or my books will know, one of my favourite spiritual teachers is Leonard Jacobson. I first met Leonard two decades ago and find his teachings and insights to be truly profound. 

 Gary Weber

Another mystic friend of mine is Gary Weber. Both Leonard and Gary share a similar 'mindset' - they exist predominantly in a state of silent presence. However they have come to quite different understandings about certain vital issues: Leonard says there is free will, karma, and life after death. Gary states that there is not. So I sent a query to Leonard on his most recent video webcast, and asked him about this difference. I asked him how it was possible that he and Gary (I didn't name him) could have such divergent thoughts on these ideas. I should mention that before this question, I had never introduced Gary's thinking to Leonard. However I do believe that the two have met.

I might state that my own insights in regard to these specific points are more in line with Leonard's, and are laregly drawn from many insights I have had in meditative and non-ordinary states of consciousness. At any rate, Leonard's response to my query is well worth listening to. It is a good example of how to 'agree and disagree' without projecting from ego. 

You can see it from minutes 26.30 - 39.00 on the video below.



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