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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marcus T Anthonys' The Mind Reader' now available!

What if you could see into the unknown country within men, to the dark places that even they dare not venture…?

Greg Marks is an extraordinary young man. After having several incredible paranormal experiences, the formerly average university student finds that his mind can access an undreamed of intelligence: the light. Yet Greg struggles to understand his newfound abilities. He joins a mysterious group which teaches him how to harness his intuitive abilities - to read minds and receive communication from mysterious spiritual realms. But just when it seems that he has scaled undreamed of heights, he is confronted by dark forces that threaten his very mind and soul. For Greg Marks has become a threat to those who would prefer his knowledge not be revealed to the world.

The Mind Reader is the exciting semi-autobiographical novel by futurist and mystic Marcus T Anthony, detailing many astounding events that really happened to him.

The Mind Reader is currently available directly from Marcus in eBook format (PDF) for US$2.99, and is also be available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99: here. It is available in multiple formats for computers and mobile devices here on

If you would like to purchase the eBook (PDF) directly from Marcus, click here

Early praise for the book

Marcus, have been reading your book The Mind Reader. Went to read chapter 30 but no more of your book was available. I want to purchase the rest of your awesome book - how do I go about doing this? I would like to be able to download and read on the computer.
Katie Donnelly, Futures Community, Colorado

Brilliant, Marcus; this gets better and better. Extremely powerful, it brought tears to my eyes to read it. Looking forward to reading more.
Simon Buckland, Wall Street International.

It's been a privilege editing this wonderful work. I hope it finds its way to a lot of people.
Rebecca Faith Grossman, professional editor (and editor of this book)

About The Mind Reader

What if the world we inhabit is but a shadow cast behind a brilliant, all-knowing intelligence? What if we could peel back that shadow and experience the light in all its brilliance, illuminating all that we see, hear and know? And what if that light gave us the incredible power to see into the souls of others and discover their deepest secrets?

Greg Marks is a seemingly normal young man who is thrust into a life quite extraordinary. At the beginning of his third year at the University of Newcastle in Australia, Greg begins to have paranormal experiences: voices that call to him in the night, cryptic dreams and visions that seem to be telling him something important about his life journey, and seeing an eerie light that streams from people and trees. The awakening of Greg’s inner light also makes him smarter; his intellectual life blossoms, and he finds himself going from being an average student to one who receives brilliant grades. Yet Greg is not in control of his newfound ‘brightness’. It comes and goes of its own accord.

It is when Greg is almost killed in a lightning strike that the full reality of the light is revealed to him on an exhilarating journey out of his body and into another spiritual dimension. Greg resumes his normal life, but he is never the same again.

As a means to help him cope with the confusion his newfound abilities bring, Greg joins a meditation class, and it is here that he connects with a mysterious student named Michael, who invites him to join another secretive group called the Journey of Light. There Greg stumbles upon a small community of incredible people who teach him the seemingly impossible: how to telepathically sense the thoughts and feelings of other human beings. But the teachings are not without a price, for Greg is confronted by the reality of his own traumatic past, and the terror of invisible, dark minds that stalk him wherever he goes…

From the Prologue of The Mind Reader 

"How much do you really want to know? How deep do you want to go? If you stuck a camera in someone’s eye that could record everything he said and did, how interested would you be in seeing what the camera reveals? What if that little device could also record the thoughts of that guy? Would that turn you on?
Or would you turn it off?  
Imagine that you were able to peer right into the guy’s soul, into the dark country within him that even he has never dared venture?        
I am the man who discovered the camera. I just didn't realise that it would cut right into the heart of the universe itself, and flay wide and broad the secrets of the cosmos. All those secrets. 
Before you call me mad, I have a story to tell."  

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  1. Bought this kindle from Amazon after reading the excerpt. Love the Australian atmosphere & rendering of Newcaste Uni. Can't wait to get into it. Already there are things I can relate to as a mystic who wants more – to find out more, to see what someone else made of these things, how to "see" myself and others. Many thanks for blogging and writing, Marcus. Was in Newcastle, long time Sydney. Appreciate a few cautions. All the best.