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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Winner!

Now is the exciting time when I get to announce the winner of my competition, which involved helping me to help name my new book, which was tentatively entitle Light. And the winner is... me. Yes, sadly, I have - at least for the time being - not chosen any of the titles provided by the three brave souls who put forward suggestions (I eliminated Wayne's suggestion as I have a feeling he wasn't being serious). This is not just a cynical attempt to save cash on having to distribute the competition prize, which is actually two of my books! To dispel any such claims, I have decided to give the prize to all three who put forward suggestions. To claim your prize just email me with your address: mindfutures-at-gmail-dot-com.

You can see my current title in the book cover, below. What do you think? It isn't easy to select titles, and in fact every single person I have spoken to has suggested a different one!

The book is currently available in eBook in pdf format (email me). It will be out in Kindle form in about a week. It should be around $4.99 on Amazon. The hard copy is probably a month or two away.



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