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Monday, January 17, 2011

Discover Your Soul Template

Three days ago I awoke in the night with the old song “Congratulations”, by Cliff Richard playing in my mind. For a moment I thought I had been whisked back to the 1950s in a time machine, but then I came to my senses.

If you have read my book Sage of Synchronicity you will recall that this same song “came through” just the day before I received notice that my doctoral thesis had been passed by my examiners, and I had been awarded a PhD (having quite an auditory brain, much of my Integrated Intelligence occurs in musical and verbal form). So I knew that something special was coming up. The next day I received notice from my publisher, Inner Traditions, that the new version of my book Sage of Synchronicity had reached an important phase.

Below, you will find the cover and catalog entry for the new book. You will note that the title has changed. The running title is now Discover Your Soul Template: 14 Steps for Awakening Integrated Intelligence. Personally, I like the new title. Sage of Synchronicity rolls well off the tongue, but is probably a little vague for your average bookshop browser. Using my intuitive tool the Quick Check, my reading there is good energy on using this title – around 80%, in fact.

So what do you think? You are the reading public. I would like to know what you think. Would a book of this title, cover, and blurb (below) interest you enough to buy it?

The book will be out around the end of the year. It will be pretty much the same as Sage of Synchronicity (which I self-published), with just a few improvements here and there.


Edit: Some have complained the font was too small on the publishers blurb,  so I have cut and pasted it below.

Discover Your Soul
14 Steps for Awakening Integrated Intelligence

How to create the life you want in alignment with your soul’s purpose

• Reveal your soul aptitudes, limiting behaviors, and past-life karmic issues
• Discover 14 easy-to-use spiritual tools to strengthen your intuition to profound levels and develop an inner source of guidance and wisdom for any situation
• Learn why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people and how to make it to work for you

Like an enlightened spiritual teacher, you, too, can tap into the infinite wisdom of the cosmos to create a life of deep meaning and purpose. The key is Integrated Intelligence—your innate capacity, often experienced as “intuition,” to draw upon knowledge beyond the confines of the five senses, from past, present, and future, in an instant. Integrated Intelligence enables not only a connection to the wisdom of the universe but also access to your Soul Template, revealing your self-limiting behaviors, karmic issues from past lives, and soul aptitudes—the abilities at which you excel. With knowledge of your Soul Template, you can successfully create the life you were meant to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Providing 14 easy-to-use spiritual tools to activate your Integrated Intelligence, the author shows how to tap into the wisdom of your Soul Template, distinguish the voice of ego from the voice of your inner sage, and strengthen your intuition to profound levels, thereby developing a trusted inner source of guidance. Explaining how the mind is not a shallow pond but an ocean of competing voices and energies, the author reveals why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people: any vision you attempt to manifest must be aligned with your Soul Template or the competing voices will act against it. Revealing how to bring the mind into presence to get “the secret” to work for you, the author shows how to use Integrated Intelligence to identify and live your true calling and create the life you want while fulfilling the deeper needs of your spirit.

Marcus T. Anthony, Ph.D., is a futurist seeking to broaden the realm of Future Studies beyond economics and technology into the areas of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. The director of Benjamin Franklin Press Asia, he is a member of World Futures Studies Federation and the


  1. I read Sage of Synchronicity and liked it. The blurb was too small for my old eyes to read, but I like the cover change.

  2. I'd read it.
    Like Nancy, the print is a bit small for me too.

  3. Thanks for alerting me to that problem, Nancy and Natalie. I have removed the original and cut and pasted the text.


  4. Much better, thanks. Sounds like a terrific book, Marcus.

  5. Good going, Marcus. Glad you got picked up by a mainstream publisher of books on higher consciousness. You're fortunate to be with Inner Traditions. Sage of Synchronicity is on a shelf near my desk stuck between The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity and Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Mind and Matter.