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Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year !

In a few minutes I'll be heading to the airport and flying to the frozen north of China. I'll be joining my wife and her family and relatives in the city of Chaoyang, about 6 hours drive north-west of Beijing. Apparently it is warmer than the last time I was there about a month ago, when it was down around minus twenty (Celsius) at night, and often well below freezing during the day. The things we do for family!

So I probably won't be able to post anything directly on 22Cplus during this time, due to the wonderful Great Firewall of China - blogspot is blocked. I may be able to make one or two postings via friends outside of China, however. Of course I will be able to read all comments left here, as they go straight to my Yahoo account, and you can email me there:

Finally, for anyone in Hong Kong who is interested in coming along to my series of workshops entitled The Power of Intuition, here is a neat video introduction. I must say i am really looking forward to this event, as it finally gives me the chance to share knowledge and wisdom I have been fortunate enough to gather over a twenty year period, and working with people I believe to be some of the most amazing people on the planet. 

Xin nian kwai le!

Happy Chinese New Year!



  1. Will enjoy hearing about your travels in China!

  2. he he ;-) Seems I can get into my blog and the comments section of my blog (and all blogspot blogs) from here in north east China! I'm using a proxy server. Still can't post, however! The good news is I can still surf your synchronicity blog! Marcus

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  4. Xin nian kuai le to you and your wife, Marcus