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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Power of Intuition Workshops

The Power of Intuition

 Marcus T Anthony's new web site and blog can be found at:

Workshops for Using Intuitive Intelligence
 in Life, Love and Business

With Dr. Marcus T. Anthony


 Sponsored by Reflections Bookshop, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Place: Room PQ002, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (confirmed). This is very large room with great facilities!
Times: 2-5pm, on four consecutive Saturday afternoons, Feb 26, March 5, 12, 19.
Cost: HK$1500 (US$190). OR HK$375 per workshop. Concessionary rates are available.

About The Power of Intuition workshops
Is it possible to develop intuition to such a degree that it can be reliably used to make decisions instantly and with great success? The answer is yes.

The Power of Intuition workshops will teach you the skills, and provide you with the skills to develop your natural intuitive intelligence. These can be immediately put to use in creating ideal careers, business opportunities, relationships and to simply help you create your ideal life.       

The Power of Intuition is a practice-based series of workshops designed to activate your Integrated Intelligence. There are four workshops of three hours each, with two week breaks in between so that you can apply the teachings directly in your own life.
The intuitive mind can tap into seemingly extraordinary abilities, and connect us with other people, places and times. It transcends the brain, extending the mind through space and time. Marcus T. Anthony calls this natural human ability Integrated Intelligence, and in The Power of Intuition workshops you will learn to develop this capacity.      
The focus of this workshop is to provide you with practical but powerful tools which you can begin using right away as you make important decisions in your life. You were born to live a life of excitement and passion. You have simply forgotten how. The Power of Intuition workshops will help you remember who you really are.

These workshops are for people ready to shift the way they live, work and love. They are designed for people ready to move to another level of living and being. You should come prepared to move out of your comfort zone. The process is transformational and exciting, but requires a genuine commitment. Participants will be required to follow a carefully tailored programme, personally designed for each individual by Marcus. This will include activities to be completed in between the workshops. These activities will not take much time (generally no more than 15 minutes on any given day), but are transformational.

During The Power of Intuition workshops you will:
  • Learn about the simple and practical Integrated Intelligence Tools which will enable you to begin using your intuition immediately in both life, love and business.
  • Learn the essence of your life purpose.
  • Develop a concrete action plan to actualise specific, measurable goals; and begin to take actions towards those goals.
  • Learn to read the thoughts and feelings of others, regardless of where they are!
  • Understand the Wisdom Cycle, a practical process which will help you to keep to your life purpose once you know what it is.
  • Learn to distinguish amongst your many inner voices, and identify the true voice of intuitive guidance.
  • Connect with a like-minded, highly motivated group of people, and develop networks which will help move you forward in your life.

The Power of Intuition: Workshops Outline

February 26: Discovering Intuition
In the first week you will be given the tools and understandings which will enable you to immediately begin using to empower yourself via your inner wisdom.
-         What is Integrated Intelligence?
-         The Intuitive Intelligence Tools: e.g. developing intuitive feelings, reading “energy”, relaxed visualization.
-         Connecting with your inner Sage: the wisdom within.
-         How to balance intuition and rational thinking.
-         How to read minds (this is serious!).
-         How to make great decisions using intuition.
-         How to know the difference between genuine intuition and other “feelings”, voices or thoughts.

March 5: Integrated Intelligence and Your Calling
This module focuses upon connecting with your excitement – the part of your mind calling you forward towards your ideal future. The process is designed to get you to take action towards making your true calling a reality. Marcus will intuitively assist you in coming to an understanding of the following things:
-         How to make a great decision instantly without any information or research!
-         How to discover your strengths, and use them wisely in your work.
-         Discover your soul issues, your soul aptitudes, and your karma.
-         How to follow your excitement, and live your “Bliss” (calling).
-         Finding genuine prosperity: balancing money, purpose, happiness.
-         Setting goals and making an action plan to make your calling a reality.

March 12: Integrated Intelligence and Relationships
In this section of the programme you will learn how to use your intuition to find love, and/or to  improve relationships with lovers, family, friends and work colleagues.
-         How to stand in your power as a man or woman (and avoid being controlled by others).
-         Intuitively reading the intentions of others.
-         How to know when people are being genuine, and when they are being deceptive.
-         How to tell if a relationship or friendship is right before you get into it (can save much time and pain!).
-         How to pull out of the dramas and conflicts that plague so many personal and working relationships.
-         How to love deeply in the present moment.

March 19. Integrated Intelligence, Power and the Future of the World
This exciting module is for those who genuinely want to be part of a greater world shift in consciousness and power. This is where the true world transformation begins!
-         Reading the true intentions of leaders (corporate, government, spiritual leaders etc.)
-         Understanding the difference between true power and abusive power.
-         How to disconnect from the brainwashing of media and society and connect with information which is truly important and empowering.
-         How to connect with the cosmic intelligence which can help us create futures that are happy, peaceful and prosperous.
-         How to make a real difference in the world, by being true to yourself and your purpose.

For Whom is The Intuitive Shift Suitable?
·         For people who sense that they have a ‘higher’ calling, but who have been unable to identify what it is, or to live that calling.
·         For those who want to know the right paths forward in life, love and business.
·         For those who wish to join the small but growing group of human beings operating at a higher, intuitive level of mind, and who are making a real difference in the world.
·         For those who want to use their lives as a medium through which to serve the greater good of the human species, and the planet.

Video: Overview of Workshops

About Dr. Marcus T. Anthony

Beginning from the mid-1990s, Dr. Anthony began to explore visionary worlds through contemplation, deep meditation, and emotional healing. He traveled to many parts of the world, seeking the wisdom and guidance of gifted spiritual teachers. While living in New Zealand from 1996-1999, he engaged in an intensive programme of spiritual exploration with a group of committed spiritual seekers. By the time he had left New Zealand, he had developed an ability to perceive and understand human consciousness at an extraordinary level. This included the capacity to sense the thoughts and emotional energies of others, and to communicate with spiritual realms.

Subsequently, he set about formally studying the frontiers of human intelligence, enrolling in a doctoral programme at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. During his doctoral candidature, he applied his natural intuitive gifts to develop a unique method of study, Integrated Inquiry (described in The Professor’s Other Brain, Benjamin Franklin Press, late 2011). Integrated inquiry combines traditional research tools with intuitive ways of knowing to locate, analyse and communicate knowledge.

In recent years Dr. Anthony has become a prolific writer. He has published Integrated Intelligence, Sage of Synchronicity (soon to be published as Discover Your Soul Template, Inner Traditions, 2011), Extraordinary Mind, scores of academic articles, and numerous internet features. Dr. Anthony is the Director of MindFutures,which is dedicated to deepening the understanding of the future. He is also an elected member of the World Futures Studies Federation, and the Darwin Project Council - a think-tank comprising many leading futurists, academics, philosophers and scientists, including triune brain theorist Paul Maclean, psychologist Mihalyi Czikszentmihalyi, systems theorist Ervin Laszlo, and feminist Rianne Eisler.

Marcus T. Anthony's Web site:  

To book your place in the Power of Intuition workshops, contact Marcus T. Anthony:


Phone: Hong Kong (852)  6674 5977

Also, if you would like to confirm your place in the workshops, please pay a deposit of HK$300 (US$40). You can pay via Paypal or cheque.

PayPal: You can pay FORTY AMERICAN DOLLARS via Marcus' personal website:

Cheque: Make a cheque for HK$300 payable to Marcus Theodore Anthony, and send to the address below:

3C, Costa Court
28 Costa Ave., La Costa
Discovery Bay, Lantau Island
Hong Kong

If neither of these methods is suitable for you, please email Marcus,

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