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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surfing the Ocean of Rage

I have been thinking of writing about the recent tragic events in Tucson, Arizona. Rob and Trish MacGreggor beat me to the punch on their synchronicity web site. Check it out for an interesting perspective.

I’d like to add what I consider to be a few poignant insights into the matter. As we all now know, congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot at point blank range outside a convenience store in Tucson. A particularly tragic part of the proceedings was the death of nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green. Christina was born on the day of the 911 attack on New York, and was also featured in the book, Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11. 

Some would call this irony, but was it actually synchronicity?

As an intuitive I have taken a look at the energy of the event, and I’d like to share something of what I’ve sensed.

The essence of the event is as an expression of a latent rage which exists just below the surface of the American psyche. That latent hate and rage is becoming more and more obvious, and no doubt everyone in the USA is aware of what I am talking about, as it is perhaps the hot topic at present. In a sense the event is a warning of further violence which might follow.

Jared L. Loughner is a 22 year old college dropout. Looking at his photo it is obvious to see that there is a strong “split” in hi psyche. This means that part of his consciousness has split off, because he has been unable to take responsibility for it. Once this happens, it is easy for a person to become influenced by low-density consciousness fields. He is basically a channel for dark energy. The essential issue is rage towards women, and in particular his mother. Much of it is rapacious in nature – there’s a strong negative sexual projection. He has been badly abused, and this is what has led to the split in his psyche.

For Christina Taylor Green, her purpose in this lifetime has been to serve, and within herself she knew that. I am in no way trying to eulogize her, but my sense is of a quite saintly energy.

Gabrielle Giffords has her own issues (as we all do) and I won’t go into them here. There’s a part for her in this drama.

Thus there are personal and collective dramas occurring here. It remains to be seen what the collective will learn from it.

What can one do about such violence, and those who tend towards verbal and physical aggression? The far-right has been identified as being inclined towards violence, intolerance, racism and bigotry. These are not exactly attractive qualities.

In tough economic times, anger and blame inevitably surface. We know this from history. In all western countries in the 1920s and 1930, right-wing extremist groups flourished.

It is important to understand that the energy of these people is driven by the victim state and a sense of powerlessness. When confronted with more than it can handle, an individual’s consciousness may regress to a relatively primitive, fear based level, which is essentially a battle for survival. It is animalistic.

There are political and social actions which can be taken to minimise the potential for violence and destruction in times like these. Such actions are very important and cannot be underestimated in their value. However I am not going to deal with that here. Instead I am going to suggest how you can prevent yourself from getting sucked into the energy fields that feed these groups and their collective mind. This is how you can pull out of the drama of it all.

It is anger, judgment and blame that fuel these consciousness fields of hate and blame. So it is that you have to minimise your judgment and blame that you project towards such darker elements of society. Note that judgment is an emotional projection, and contains an unconscious intention to annihilate the thing being judged. Judgment is in itself a kind of violence. This is why as soon as you judge you get sucked into the lower consciousness field.

Taking responsibility for judgments does not mean that you will not discern what is “negative” or destructive. Discernment enables you to witness the behavior and its energy without the emotional attachment to it.

This is the most powerful thing you can do. In doing so, your own energy will resonate a light that will lift the consciousness level of humanity fractionally. When you judge and blame, you will actually drag the human collective down.

If you get dragged too far into the muck, you may find life synchronistically mirroring your rage back to you. Over a period of time one of my friends in China became increasingly enraged at the society he was living in, and the insanity of what he saw every day (I can tell you that it isn’t easy living in China!) What he focused upon had expanded daily – an inviolable law of perception – and that focus was the darkness all around him.

One day he went for a drive, and had a slight traffic accident. It turned into a major road rage accident, when the other river got out of his car and began to physically attack him. My friend tried to fight back. The other driver, seeing he couldn’t win, signaled a group of nearby drivers to join in the melee. Soon my friend was surrounded by about 20 Chinese guys keen for a good whipping of a foreigner. He was kicked and punched from behind. His glasses were ripped off and crushed under a foot. “You in China now, we fuck you!” the incensed driver screamed at my friend.

Fortunately police arrived on the scene and my friend was saved from a very dangerous situation.

This was a case of “manifestation”. A truer version of the law of attraction that depicted on the video The Secret, is that we attract what we are (not what we want).

This is not the reason for all mishaps and human suffering, but is so for some events we attract. Karma may be involved in others, as well as pre-life agreements with Spirit. This was the case for the little girl killed in Tucson. the tragedy of her death stands as an indicator of the madness of hate and blame. It is also a potential catalyst for possible change.

The best way we can honour the tragedy at Tucson is to get the message, and to pull out of the drama of hate.

When you find yourself being drawn into anger by events you see or the angry projections of others (either online, via media, or in the real world), stop and bring your awareness to your breath. Close your eyes, and move your attention away from the thing or person you are judging, and bring your awareness onto the space within your mind where thought (and your reaction) is arising. Simply observe that space for ten breaths or so. Witness any thought or emotion which arises from that space.

If you do this regularly, you will soon come to the realisation that the thought, the anger and the judgment, are not real. They are mirages, projections brought forward by the mind, and “you”, as the witness, are in control of those thoughts.

That is what the spiritual masters meant when they said the world is an illusion. It is not so much the physical world they were talking about, but the false world of thought and projection that the mind attaches itself to.

The only question then, is: are you prepared to let go of that world?



  1. Brillant post. I agree with absolutely everything you said. There is a feeding frenzy over these violent and angry thoughts, and unfortunately the US has been full of them lately. My blog has been trying to deal with these issues, as well. Maybe this event will be a small turning point, but I think there will be more to come before some people change their thinking.
    Thanks, Marcus.

  2. Totally agree - and what's very distressing in the US is that relatively mainstream political commentators like Glenn Beck and even elected politicians like Michelle Bachmann have been stirring this pool of rage and projection with comments on the need for citizens to take up arms against the 'tyranny' of the 'Obama regime'. My question is - what's going on on a deeper level? Crazy people like the Tucson shooter and the guy who killed John Lennon will always be with us - but it's not normal for this type of discourse to spread to the mainstream media and political parties.